Grammar School

The ultimate goal in a classical education is training in wisdom and virtue. This begins in the Grammar School. The years of K-4 are key to laying a strong foundation both in character and academics. Our rich curriculum is the perfect vehicle to provide opportunities for discipline and responsibility, but also inspiration from the good, the true, and the beautiful. Our faculty maintain a depth of character that models virtue for our students and are committed to the growth of your child.


For K-4: Class Buddies

We are excited to announce that on-campus students in Grades K-4 will be assigned 1-2 high school athletes as their class buddy. The athletes will come and have lunch, play at recess or read to the classes throughout the year.


OCTOBER 28-30, 2020

  • Spirit Week - Culminating in our first of the year all school pep rally on the sunny field, students are invited to participate in themed days leading up to Friday. Our soon-to-be new Student Council will help plan this Griffin spirit week.